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Fittz Family Update

Greetings from Rockwall! So much has changed the past few weeks and our arrival to Guatemala is getting closer! During this season of COVID-19, the Lord continues to work all around us and within our family. Our call to serve alongside the Guatemalan people is closer to reality and the Lord is opening doors for our family. By June 4, our house was sold, some of our belongings shipped to Guatemala, and then we moved into missionary housing through our church! Whew!
Both Honduras and Guatemala borders are still closed, but things are starting to open back up. We have made another step of faith and purchased airline tickets for a July 20th arrival. There were several sensitive immigration issues that helped us pick this date. Airlines are allowing for date changes if things don’t open by then, but please pray for things to open for us! We also have the kids enrolled in the school there and here just in case things change. We give thanks to God for guiding and giving us peace in taking these huge steps through many uncertainties. Please pray for all the details left in this international move, for new monthly financial partners to help us meet our daily needs, and the provision of our start up expenses once we arrive. Thank you!
There are ten Guatemalan volunteers and a full time Serve Hope staff member, Francisco Peralta, preparing for our arrival. They are a group of very talented Guatemalans that are helping Serve Hope be present to the most vulnerable. They are also running the Serve Hope social media pages and spreading the word about the ministry of Serve Hope Guatemala. As they work with our staff in Honduras the network of local churches is growing so that the work carried out is accomplished through the local leaders. We are excited to join this family of servants in serving the most needed families throughout Central America..

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