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Adopt a Farmer

During this COVID-19 crisis, coffee farmers in Central America are struggling to receive basic food for their families each day. With a current drought going through Central America and no access to food, farmers and the families that pick their coffee are struggling.

The coffee farmers in Latin America depend on their crops each year to push them through the year. They also harvest beans and other crops to survive. The drought has caused many fires to whip out these crops and there is limited water resources to grow them.

With many active coffee farming partners in Guatemala and Honduras, Serve Hope is responding by uniting the American coffee consumers, coffee shops, and other coffee based businesses with a farmer in Guatemala or Honduras. Through the sharing of resources, the famers and the families that help will get through this, one family at a time.

A monthly grant will be suggested to help cover the cost of food for each farmer to distribute to their families and the families of their workers.

Coffee Plantation Size

There are three levels of adoption based on size and economics of each coffee plantation. The Serve Hope staff will coordinate with each coffee producer to establish how many families are involved on each farm.

Micro Lot



Family Lot


15-30 PEOPLE




What the USA Consumer Receives

Photo of the FARMER with their family. · Names, sizes, and ages some of the families on the farm. One life changing story each month from the farm. · Possibility of a future visit to the farm in Central America to serve their farming community together.


Thank you!

We love coffee and the people who provide it for us. Serve hope wants to join these humble people together seeing every farmer provide for change in their communities.


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